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TITAN Doppelwellen Hammerbrecher

patent designed ten selling products

Crushing Plants

Mobile crushing plants are built ready-mounted on their own travel gear. Semi-mobile plants, on the other hand, are moved from one location to the next as a piggyback load on separate haul units. Each crushing plant comes ready to operate with its own feed hopper, feed conveyor, discharge conveyor and material transfer belt. The size and design of the crusher naturally depends upon the work that it is intended for.

Crushing Plants

Semi-mobile crushing plants are always to be recommended when a change of location in long periods is required in order to optimize the raw material transportation- and operational-costs of the quarry department.

US Patent for Coronavirus Patent (Patent # 10,130,701 issued

Jul 23, 2015 · This patent is NOT for the new COVID-19 virus and The Pirbright Institute does not currently work with human coronaviruses. If you share this patent online, be aware you are in fact sharing a separate patent for avian infectious bronchitis virus and porcine delta-coronavirus. This is not a patent for the new COVID-19 virus.

List of largest selling pharmaceutical products

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Patent Auction .com, buy patents and sell patents. Patents for sale

Patent Auction lists patented inventions available for sale or licensing. Inventors can list their patented inventions (or patent pending) for sale. This website is designed only to …

How to Know If You Need to Patent Your Product

May 22, 2013 · You are ready to introduce your invention to the world, but first you should consider whether your new product requires a patent to help make it commercially viable.

The Year in Patents: The Top 10 Patent Stories from 2017

Dec 27, 2017 · They appear in chronological order as they happened throughout the year. If you’d like to review my selections from past years see Top 10 Patent Stories from 2016 and Top 10 Patent Stories from ...

The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Patent System

pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries the patent normally equals the product, and protects the extensive investment in research and clinical testing required before placing it on the market. Patent protection for chemical and pharmaceutical products is especially important compared with other industries because the actual

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License Your Idea to a Manufacturer Idea Buyer – We Turn

If you can keep these considerations in mind and the timing is right for your product in the market place, you will have a much better probability of profitably licensing your idea to a manufacturer. Eric Corl is the President of Idea Buyer LLC, a new product development company that owns and operates The Online Marketplace for ...

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Selling a Patent, Copyright, or Trademark

2020-04-21 · Learn more about selling a patent, copyright, or trademark at In addition to certain guarantees provided by law, LegalZoom guarantees your satisfaction with our services and support. Because our company was created by experienced attorneys, we strive to be the best legal document service on the web.

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property From Infringement

A patent or provisional patent application gives you the right to use the patent pending designation. This can discourage many people from developing a product they won't be able to use for long. Registering your copyright preserves your right to sue infringers and, if your suit is successful, collect damages and attorney's fees.

High performance polyolefin catalysts

Designed Chemistry has developed an extensive portfolio of PE catalysts for all reactor types that can be further optimized to account for specific conditions. Our technologically advanced laboratory is continuously working to ensure that we have the best available catalysts on the market. More about Designed Chemistry’s Catalysts

Patents: Product Designed to Ease Patent Process Wins Patent

PATENTS Product Designed to Ease Patent Process Wins Patent By SABRA CHARTRAND. atents that cover methods of doing business may be controversial, but perhaps only one patent is genuinely redundant. A Dallas company has won a patent for a method of applying for a patent.

13 Patents Designed to Build a Better Mustache

Nov 25, 2012 · 13 Patents Designed to Build a Better Mustache. BY Erin McCarthy. ... this guard is an improvement upon other devices designed to "[suspend] a gentleman's mustache in order to keep the same up out ...

Aiello Designs Invention Development Sevices

Aiello Designs provides inventors with the services they need to prototype their inventions, license their inventions, or take their inventions into production, ready to sell. Our services include Patent Searches, US Patent Applications, Invention Design, Invention Engineering, CAD Engineering, Invention Prototypes, Prototype Design, Prototype ...

Patent Protection: Everything You Need to Know

Patent Protection: Everything You Need to Know. Patent protection allows inventors of a new product or design to have exclusive rights to make, sell, use, and/or import the item throughout the United States. 7 min read

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Can I patent a product I'm already selling?

No one else is selling this product. Can I apply for a patent for it? ... Can I patent a product I'm already selling? Ask Question ... Design or Utility patent.

How to Protect your Idea, New Product, Design or Invention: Patents, Design

One advantage of patent protection is that a patent can protect a product irrespective of the appearance of the product, thus giving broader protection than a design registration. But, there are strict criteria which must be met before a patent is granted, including a search and examination process.

List – 23 Marketplaces Where You Can Buy and Sell Patents

“I wish there was one comprehensive list that provides all the patent marketplaces where one could buy and sell patents” — uttered Sara, an inventor friend of mine, during our conversation the other day, visibly frustrated after her futile attempts to find the perfect marketplace where she could sell her patents.

20 Steps for Pricing a Patent

If the new invention infringes a prior patent, the earlier one is said to “block” it, diminishing its potential value. A patent attorney familiar with the patent should research how likely it is that implementation of the patent will infringe another’s patent. 10. Consider synergies among patents.

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Patent Number Search

Patent Buddy offers a free search of patents, inventors and current patent owners. You can also search for patent attorneys & agents. Sign up Today!

General information concerning patents

Effective May 13, 2015, patent term has been revised to 15 years from the date of patent grant for design patents issuing from both national design applications under chapter 16 and international design applications designating the United States, and no fees are necessary to maintain a design patent …

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US4753647A - Infant garment

Turning now to the drawings, and referring first of all to FIG. 1, indicated generally at 10 is an infant garment which is constructed in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the present invention. Forming a part of garment 10 is a diaper 12 which is, generally speaking, conventional in construction.

Writing Descriptions for a Patent Application

The process of writing a patent application, no matter how complicated your product or process is, begins simply: with a description. This description—together with the claims section, which defines the boundaries of patent protection—is often referred to as the specification. As the word suggests, in these sections of the patent ...

Intellectual Property Protection

You may then want to file a provisional application for patent to establish your priority filing date with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which allows you to immediately start labeling your invention "patent pending". LegalZoom can help make the process of applying for a utility patent or design patent easy and